"Downriver" begins beside the competition of the Hopnegs, petite 3-inch rangy people, who suchlike Humans are precocious but panic Human machines as "demons". One of these "demons" lives up to its reputation when it runs ended and lock, stock and barrel destroys the dwelling house of the Hopneg, Popey. He by a hair's breadth escapes with his enthusiasm in his pajamas, and the lack of assets turns him into a Punk, or a Hopneg without the supernatural of ownership. Seeking to put on alert the ancestors of his proximate village, he travels to the rural community to speak his announcement to its leader, Rouger. After delivering his message, Rouger, decides based on the mental object of the Book, to shunt the full small town to a contrary situation. Popey and another Hopneg, Rod, gathering the town to break the "demon" by putting sod into its tire out. But this fails as the Humans simply erase the lawn. Having failed, the Hopnegs realize that they must go upriver, distant from the "Giants". Popey, however, decides to go downstream in his pursuit to find wisdom of the Humans and their secret witching. Not far into Popey's trail, he is met by a Traveler named Shajee who is older in the way of the worldwide and the Humans. For instance, Shajee not solitary knows property about the geographical Human world and how to get about in it, he too has an intellectual capacity of Human science which, in my opinion, is in a way slightly improved than our good judgment. As they take a trip through with the Human cities, Popey and you, the reader, get a new orientation on these "Giants", or Humans who do everything bigger than themselves.

"Downriver" is for ages 12 and up, very those who likable the "Borrowers" book run. Erik Hare's dedication kind is new and unique, and refreshfully distinct. He gives pictorial descriptions of particular aspects of some the corporeal and of your own communicating that set the humour in a way different any remaining. Gradually, I became rapt in the tale. "Downriver" is an interesting, hilarious and deep manuscript that will be enjoyed by copious.

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